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Vital Behavioral Health Inc. is a new public corporation developing residential and outpatient facilities for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. For this project, Buzzbait Consulting developed 3 individual websites that represented one brand.

Project Challenges

Initially, the project was for 2 websites: Vital Behavioral Health and Vital Sober Living. It quickly became apparent that a 3rd website environment would be needed to separate the corporate investment side of things separate.

Unlike the majority of the projected completed by our team, the fact that this was for a publicly held business meant that the websites had to meet the standards of the entire board of directors. Additionally, the facilities are still under construction, meaning there are no images and the available details were limited. Still, the client needed the business to have an online presences as soon as possible.

Finding Solutions

With the help of a point person on the client end, we were able to collect the necessary content and requirements for all 3 websites. We created a simple, modern, and effective design to fit the content provided and used relevant stock imagery as placeholders. We also carried over the same layout, with subtle differences, in order to create a cohesive branded experience.

VBH Intl.
Vital Behavioral Health
Vital Sober Living


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April 30, 2021

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