Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Running ads is one thing, but getting results? That’s an entirely different can of worms.

When used properly, PPC is a highly effective way of cutting through the noise of a competitive ad-landscape and fast-tracking your business’ growth. While it can take months or even years to build the credibility required to appear on the first page of search engine results organically, PPC allows you to skip that wait time. Businesses willing to put money where their mouth is can effectively cut to the front of the digital queue to display their products to thousands of potential customers they would not have reached otherwise.


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Do you really need an agency for PPC?

Creating a pay-per-click ad is deceptively easy: click a few buttons, pick a few keywords, set a budget, and voila you have an ad. So what’s the point of hiring an agency to manage your PPC? Many business owners get into text ads underestimating the costs and competitiveness of keywords, overestimating the return they’ll receive, and in general, misunderstanding that PPC is not a guarantee that their ad will be shown… or that they will convert!


Many fail to realize that PPC is much more than creating an ad, putting it out there in the universe, and hoping something sticks. Before a text ad gets to the point of being shown to a potential customer, your ad must first satisfy the ever-changing algorithmic requirements of the search engine. Then, it must duke it out with other ads that are vying for the same keywords in a battle of budget and ad quality. After all this, your ad is at the mercy of users where poorly performing ads are quickly taken down and the cycle then begins again. And don’t even get us started on creating compelling ad copy…

ppc management

Grow and scale your PPC Strategy

As you can imagine, going through the PPC ad-creation process on even a small scale can be a whale of a task. Our pay-per-click specialists are experts at creating winning ads that achieve consistent, cost-effective lead generation and customer acquisition. 

To accomplish this, we work with you beyond the scope of running an ad. First, we’ll establish a strategy and a budget; determining which keywords to target and building out your custom campaign. Then, we’ll build out landing pages and other assets to guide those who click your ads through the user funnel and guarantee they have a great user experience. Once everything is live and launched, you can rely on us as your eyes and ears, keeping track of your campaign’s results and making adjustments as needed to continuously improve your ROI. 

PPC isn’t just another set of letters. Simply throwing money at Google or Bing ads won’t generate results. A successful PPC campaign requires in-depth knowledge of keyword competitiveness, stellar copywriting skills, and killer instincts. At Buzzbait Consulting, we can help you unlock the full potential of pay-per-click for your business. Together, we’ll turn text ads into a powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal that you can rely on for expanding your customer base, increasing brand awareness, and overall improving your bottom line.

We Set ‘Em Up, You Reel ‘Em In

Our agency specializes in the health and wellness industry, helping the businesses that make the world a better place. We understand the unique challenges that can come with selling intangible services and have successfully helped our clients dominate in their niche. If you’re ready to take your business’ future out of the hands of chance, contact us today for your personalized PPC strategy.

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