How Long Does Web Design Take (From A Top Web Design Company)?

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One week? One Month? One year? How long does a web design project take a top web design company to complete from start to finish? The truth: it can vary drastically from one project to another. However, there are clear factors on the agency side and the client side that will give you a realistic idea of how long your web design project would take to complete.

Website Design Process Overview

In order to understand where possible hiccups could happen and ensure you as the client do not slow the process, it is beneficial to understand what the project process entails. Each marketing or website development agency has its own unique process, but there are common steps that nearly all agencies follow. These include:

  • Onboarding/Intake – Establishing expectations for design & functionality as well as collecting assets (ie: images, content, branding assets).
  • Design – Creating the website layout and aesthetic.
  • Development – Coding the design into a functional website.
  • Revisions – Implementing any changes provided to meet and exceed the client’s vision and expectations.
  • QA – Ensuring all elements look, read, and function as intended.
  • Launch – Setting the website live on the chosen domain for the client to start directing traffic to the website.

How Long Should A Website Project Take

To provide a reference point, we would advise that the average website project (common website functionality and about 5-10 pages) should take between 4 weeks and 3 months to complete. Smaller web projects such as landing pages may be completed in less time and larger projects with complex, custom functionality may take 6 months or longer to complete.

Project Size

You may not be able to measure a website project with a tape measure, but there are certainly multiple ways to quantify the size of a website. The easiest way is probably to determine how many pages the website will be and how many of these pages will have unique layout designs. A 30-page website project will likely take more time to complete than a 5-page website project, but if many of the pages have the same general design/layout then it may not be as significant as you think. 

Website Functionality & Complexity

In 2021, the basic functionality of any website should include displaying written content and images, mobile responsive design, a navigation menu, and contact forms. Additional functionalities such as eCommerce, animation, and integrations with 3rd party software, may be common, but are not always quick or easy to implement. Even very “small” websites may have complex functionality that extends the timeline for the project. Talk with your developer to make sure they understand how you want your website to function and get insight as to how this will impact timelines.

Procuring Assets

Most website design companies can write content and use stock images when developing a website, but zero input from the client will not yield the best results. Stock images have their place, but high-quality images of a business’s actual facility, products, services, and team create a much stronger user experience than stock images. Also, the more information provided about the business, the more accurate and detailed writers can be in developing website copy. If you have not started collecting images and documenting key aspects of your business before starting a development project, then waiting on these assets could draw out the project timeline.

The Decision Making Process

Clients may have to get approval from a board of directors or they may decided to get feedback from their colleagues, family, and friends. It is undeniably beneficial to have more eyes to catch any possible errors, but even in web projects, there can be too many cooks in the kitchen. Having too many opinions to juggle can become overwhelming for everyone involved, cloud the original vision, and significantly drag out the design process.

When looking for feedback, consider what experience or perspective each individual can offer. Also, keep in mind that no one knows your business than you and you don’t have to run with every single suppestion you are given. Trust your instincts and you will likely end up with a more effective website in a shorter period of time.

Agency Delays

The hope is always that a web design project at top web design agency will only take the amount of time initially expressed, or that any extension in the timeline is due to the client. However, delays on the agency side do happen. An agency should put some room for error in their timeline, but they dont’ always. It’s wise to do a little due diligence and and search the web for any reviews with red flags or even reach out to a couple references. If a project is not progressing as expected, don’t be afraid to ask for an update on the status of the project and when a realistic new completion date would be.

Written By: Serene G.

Serene is the Organic Marketing Manager at Buzzbait Consulting. With almost 10 years of marketing experience, she has just about done it all from content writing and SEO optimization to public relations and social media management. She has also personally designed and developed countless websites, working on teams that developed hundreds more. This experience allows Serene to oversee all organic marketing initiatives while providing local businesses with valuable insight into growing their business. When she is not in the office, she is working with pregnant women as a birth doula and childbirth educator.

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